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NAMI Trading User Manual

1. Join NAMI Trading

Begin by securing your access to our exclusive tools with a NAMI Trading Premium subscription. Visit our website to subscribe. Existing members with an active subscription can proceed to the next step.

2. Set Up Your TradingView Account

Our indicators are hosted on TradingView, requiring an account for access. Create your TradingView account by visiting their website. No additional TradingView subscription is needed to use NAMI indicators.

How to Set Up a TradingView Account:

A TradingView account is essential but straightforward to set up for accessing our indicators.

3. Activate Your TradingView Account with NAMI

Activate your account to access NAMI indicators on TradingView through our Connect Panel:

  • Enter your TradingView username accurately in the "Get access on TradingView" field.

  • Click "Save" to confirm and instantly unlock access to NAMI Premium TradingView indicators.

Accessing the Connect Panel and Your TradingView Username:

If any issues arise, reach out to our support at info@nami-trading.com, providing your TradingView or Discord usernames for assistance within 6 hours.

4. Applying NAMI Indicators to Your Charts

After gaining access, refresh your TradingView page to begin:

  • Open your desired chart, find the "Indicators" icon, and search for NAMI indicators under "invite-only scripts."

  • Select and apply NAMI indicators to your chart, customizing settings for optimal use.

Adding Multiple NAMI Indicators:

Repeat the steps to layer multiple NAMI indicators, tailoring each to your trading strategy.

5. Customize Your TradingView Chart (Optional)

This final step is optional. TradingView offers extensive customization to enhance your charting experience. Explore and adjust settings to suit your preferences.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Gaining and Troubleshooting Access:

Ensure your TradingView username is correctly given during registration. If access issues persist, or if you encounter a "Study_not_auth" error, please contact our support team with your details for resolution.

Quick Access After Purchase:

Access should be instant post-purchase if your TradingView username was provided correctly. Allow up to an hour for system processing, or contact support for any delays.

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